winter axiom

I was probably the last pastor in America to read Radical by David Platt. I found it to be engaging and readable (such is true of most New York Times best sellers, after all), and full of salient points throughout. Merely pages from the end came this gem, an indictment of modern (American) Christianity and exhortation to reform, all rolled into one:

If you and I are going to [live] in radical obedience to Christ, we need to start with our Bibles open and our minds engaged. We have settled far too long for “Bible lite,” both as individual Christians and in the community of faith. We have adopted a Christianity consumed with little devotional thoughts from God for the day, supplemented by teaching in the church filled with entertaining stories and trite opinions on how to be a better person and live a better life in the twenty-first century.

Meanwhile, we hold the matchless Word of God in our hands, and it demands a superior position in our lives, our families, our small groups, and our churches. Do we realize the battle that is waging around us? There is a true God over this world who wants all people to bow at the feet of a loving Savior, and there is a false god in this world who wants all people to burn in hell. The battle is intense, and it cannot be fought with little thoughts in a daily devotional or petty ideas from a preacher on Sunday. It certainly can’t be fought with minds numbed by the constant drivel of entertainment on television, DVDs, video games, and the Internet. If you and I are going to penetrate our culture and the cultures of the world with the gospel, we desperately need minds saturated with God’s Word.

David Platt, Radical, 190-91.

Platt’s words here have essentially captured the vision behind Winter Axiom, our retreat this weekend for middle and high school students at El Porvenir Christian Camp. Our aim is to have a great deal of fun (we’ve planned a ski day, we’re taking some sleds, I’ve been perfecting the art of snowball-making…you get the picture), foster community and fellowship within our group, and lift high the doctrine of Scripture. Our deepest desire is that students will come away from the weekend with a deeper love of and appreciation for all of Scripture, motivated to dig into it more deeply on their own, and eager to see in their own lives the new-creational fruit that comes from God’s Word (James 1:18).

Will you pray with us to that end?

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