from the blogroll: are we true to the gospel?

Last week I posted a few bits on the meaning of the word gospel. My thoughts were hardly exhaustive. Mercifully constrained by the scope of my post, I left a lot unsaid. In truth, the depths of the gospel are too great, and its implications too profound, to be exhausted by a lifetime of blog posts. This morning, Ray Ortlund addressed one of the fruits of the gospel  my post neglected: the way the gospel reshapes human relationships. While the entire post is worth reading, here is the essence of it:

Faithfulness to the gospel is also treating one another as God in Christ has treated us.  It is not that hard to sign a piece of paper or take a vow that we stand for the gospel.  Again, that’s a good thing to do.  But it is far more demanding to bear living witness to the gospel by denying the demands of Ego and treating one another with the grace God has shown us in Christ.

When the gospel actually sinks in, we change.  Winning no longer matters.  Getting in the last word no longer matters.  Payback no longer matters.  We now perceive such things as contemptible, compared with the display of God’s grace in Christ.

Unbelieving people are not impressed by our official positions on paper.  They will not pay attention – nor should they – until they see the beauty of the gospel in our relationships.

Pray with me that we would be so captured by our desperate need for it, and so powerfully awakened by its glories, that the world would see the beauty of the gospel in our relationships.

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