Gracious Father: Forgive me for my lack of delight in your Word.

I am so grateful that you don’t make us guess who you are but that you speak directly to us. I know that your Word alone is inspired, without error, and completely true. Yet I do not hunger for your Word as I should.

So often it is not sweeter to me than honey, nor more desirable than fine gold (c.f. Psa 19:10). Instead, I read it out of duty and not delight. I study it, not to listen your voice nor to grow in godliness, but out of obligation. Something so wonderful and priceless – the opportunity to hear the voice of the Creator of the universe, the very voice that created (Gen 1:3) and sustains (Heb 1:3) all things – is too often mundane and mechanical.

Change my heart, my Father. Give me a greater delight in your Word. Help me to hunger genuinely for your voice as it is heard in Scripture. Help me not only to listen to your commands or even just obey your commands; help me to love what you command. Change my attitude from one of duty to one of free, loving obedience because of the cross.

Only Jesus treasured and obeyed your Word perfectly, Father. Let his perfect obedience transform my heart so that I long to treasure and obey you more and more each day. Amen.


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