Three weekend reads, currated from the world wide web to enrich your soul and equip you for mission.

1. Do I Have to Pray Every Day?

We don’t ask, “Is it my duty to breathe every day?” We breathe every day to survive! There is a place for duty in the Christian life, but that should not be what drives us to pray. An intimate relationship with God will never thrive in an atmosphere dominated by a sense of duty…[keep reading]

2. How to Pray Using Scripture

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the biggest difference. For many years I’ve used the 3 R’s…to pray through Scripture. This simple tool has helped me pray the Bible more than any other single strategy. I’ve used in my devotional times and have employed it often in leading others in prayer…[keep reading]

3. The Ice Returns Every Morning

As I write this our city is enveloped in what feels like an evil cold. Sub-zero temperatures await me as I go out to my car for my commute. I know from experience that I need to allow some extra time to warm the car up. It’s also likely that the windows will be adorned with the glittering frost, reminding me of the tenacity of this cold.

I try to redeem and repurpose many of life’s everyday experiences. This blanket of arctic air is no different.

Each morning when I awake there is a layer of ice caked on my heart. There is a hardness and coldness that I must remove. I have to scrape it off with the Word of God and prayer. I need to mortify (or put to death) the sin that remains. Like a commuter with gloves, scarf, and scraper in hand, I have work to do…[keep reading]

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