Three weekend reads, currated from the world wide web to enrich your soul and equip you for mission.

1. 10 Things You Should Know About Love (from Christopher Ash)

The wonderful chemistry of sexual desire and delight, with all its mysterious power and—at best—its glorious sense of release and contentment, is a powerful and yet dangerous thing. We all know something of its power. But what about the danger?

The danger is that something intended to fuel our self-giving becomes an engine to drive our self-serving. The words “I love you” can mean “Actually, I love myself and I want you.” And so the very word “love” comes to have two contradictory meanings: selfish desire and genuine, caring love. When romantic love is, in reality, a mask for self-serving, it becomes—like all idols—disappointing; it can never perform for us what it promises….[read the rest]

2. Hi, I’m a Christian: Simple Strategies for Better Evangelism (from Zach Nielsen)

How can our lives be marked by faithful evangelism?

Even asking that question can prompt guilt in many of us, because we so often feel like failures. I understand. I’m a pastor, but I haven’t been a great evangelist. However, I want to change. This year I want to cultivate more faith in God to grow in evangelism because I want God’s glory to be known and lost people to have eternal joy in him. Don’t you? I’m sure you do.

Just like in any other area of life, the first action step toward growth is typically crafting a plan. Failure to plan is planning to fail, right? So here’s my very simple, biblical plan that doesn’t guarantee unbelievers will become disciples, but it does cultivate faithfulness: pray, be present, and present yourself as a Christian….[read the rest]

3. Do You Love the Church? (from R. C. Sproul)

The Apostle Paul explains the doctrine of the church so that we might understand what God has done and so that we may understand who we are. And in calling us to understand who we are and what we’re called to do, Paul says that we’re the church. We’re the church that God ordained from the foundation of the world. We’re His people; we’re His household, so let the church be the church.

We’re living in a time of crisis. Many Christians are decrying the decadence of American culture and complaining about the government and its value system. I understand that, but if we want to be concerned for our nation and culture, our priority must be the renewal of the church. We are the light of the world. read the rest

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