Three weekend reads, currated from the world wide web to enrich your soul and equip you for mission.

1. How to Almost Follow Jesus (from Marshall Segal)

how-to-almost-follow-jesus-0wofyj1b-40595d3a90e356e1e44d458e058fbc08The more following Jesus falls out of fashion in America, the more we’ll experience what it really means to follow him.

As the risks rise for us, the once large crowds may disperse, but genuine, joy-filled faith will rise. Those who followed Jesus for the wrong reasons will inevitably fall away, not willing to bear any cross heavier than the one around their neck. But those who were willing to lose everything to gain him, who rejoice at the opportunity to suffer for his name, will experience deeper, fuller intimacy with him than ever before (Philippians 3:8–10).

If we almost follow Jesus, tagging along with Christians as long as it’s socially acceptable and psychologically comfortable, we’ll come to the end of the benefits of Christianity. If we truly follow him — desiring him above all else, embracing trials and opposition for his sake, and leaving whatever necessary behind — we won’t need to chase comfort, attention, or happiness here.

If you want to almost follow Jesus, here are three ways from Matthew 8.

Read the rest: here.

2. 4 Wrong Answers to the Question “Why Me?” (from Timothy Keller)

4mWhen I was diagnosed with cancer, the question “Why me?” was a natural one. Later, when I survived but others with the same kind of cancer died, I also had to ask, “Why me?”

Suffering and death seem random, senseless. As a minister, I’ve spent countless hours with suffering people crying: “Why did God let this happen?” In general I hear four answers to this question—but each is wrong, or at least inadequate.

Read the rest: here.

3. Every Book of the Bible in One Word (from Garrett Kell)

bibleGod reveals himself through his Word. When he speaks, he teaches us what he is like, how he acts, and how he desires us to respond. As a whole, the Bible is about God. It’s about God the Father displaying his glory through God the Son by the power of God the Holy Spirit.

The Bible is one book made up of 66 books. Each book has a major theme that emphasizes an aspect of God’s character or a way he is working to carry out his perfect plan. What follows is an attempt to capture these themes. These themes are certainly reductionistic and required me to make a few tough choices, but I hope you’ll be helped by considering them.

Read the rest: here.

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