Three weekend reads, currated from the world wide web to enrich your soul and equip you for mission.

1. Spring Sports and Sunday Church (from Tony Reinke with Mary Kassian)

o-YOUTH-SPORTS-facebookThe first area of caution [Mary] offers is a check on parental drive. Are the athletic aspirations driven by the child? Or are they driven by mom and dad? She’s concerned about kids who carry the vicarious ambitions of parents who take amateur sports too far, too fast.

“I fear we push our children to be far too busy, and to specialize far too early, and to commit far too much time. And it can be parent-driven, rather than driven by a parent discerning a child’s natural bent and inclination and abilities.”

Before long, kids grow weary of the over-specialized sport.

“I’ve seen 13- and 14-year-old boys burned out by a sport, and sick of it. Or they feel that they need to excel at it in order to please their parents, and their parents have communicated that their worth and value are wrapped up in how well they do at a particular sport. They get to high school and they’ve already had so much of it, they don’t enjoy it anymore.”

But obviously a lot of sports are driven by the aspiration of the child, which raises questions about the cost of the sport on the family.

Read the rest: here.

2. 6 Misconceptions about the New Testament (from Leah Baugh)

new-testament-largeThe argument goes that Christianity is no longer suited to the modern world, that the apostles supposedly edited, adapted, and transformed Jesus to fit the needs of their community. However, this is very unlikely.

The apostles wrote their Gospels not long after Jesus ascended and at a time when there were still many people alive who had known Jesus, been healed by Jesus, and heard Jesus teachings. Luke mentions Cleopas (Lk. 24) as someone who can confirm that Luke was reporting truthfully. If anyone had doubts that the apostles were changing Jesus’ teachings, they could have gone to plenty of people and compared the two. It is highly unlikely the apostles would have changed Jesus’ theology while there were still people who could say they were lying.

Read the rest: here.

3. Hospitality is Courageous (from Matt Chandler)

modern-dining-table-ideas-and-design-rounddiningtabless-modern-dinner-tableIn a post-Christian world, God’s people are called to operate not out of fear, but out of courage. And when we live courageously, putting our hope in the reality of who he is and what he has already accomplished, it changes everything. We’re freed up to be the people of God living out the mission of God despite what new and challenging thing comes our way.

When we talk about what it means to be courageous and faithful in the age of unbelief, we have to talk about the Great Commission. That’s our mission. And though it’s always been true, I think it’s more true than ever to say that evangelism is going to look like hospitality.

Read the rest: here.

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