Three weekend reads, currated from the world wide web to enrich your soul and equip you for mission.

1. Only Messy People Allowed: Toward a Culture of Grace (from Sam Allberry)

13824-woman-praying.1200w.tnWe’re not Jesus’s PR agents, and he is not our client. We are broken men and women, and he is our Savior. It’s not the case that I need to look good so Jesus can look good; I need to be honest about my colossal spiritual need so he can look all-sufficient.

I don’t increase so he can increase; I decrease so he can increase (John 3:30). That means being honest about my flaws, not embarrassed about them.

Read the rest: here.

2. Restore the Sweetness to Your Marriage (from Stacy Reaoch)

married-588592153df78c2ccdf11fdeInstead of relishing the loving gazes, touches, and little kindnesses of your spouse, you begin to see them as a partner of productivity. You divide and conquer the endless to-do lists, assigning who will pick up Jonny from t-ball and who will take Katie to ballet, who will get dinner started and who will help the kids with homework. Nighttime comes around and you fall into bed exhausted from the day, savoring the thought of a good night’s sleep over romance and intimacy.

Most of us would readily confess that we love our spouse. After all, didn’t we just do the laundry and make dinner and pay the bills? We can often express a sacrificial love in caring for our spouse through accomplishing needed tasks — even when the flames of passion have simmered. Sacrifice might come more naturally than tenderness, especially once your house is filled with the energy-consuming fruit of your love (for example, children).

So why is it important to keep the spark alive in your marriage? Isn’t it a normal and natural slide to put the kids’ needs (and everything else on your to-do list) ahead of your spouse?

Read the rest: here.

3. An Open Letter to Those Nonchalant about Their Sexual Sin (from David Powlison)

maxresdefaultSex is like fire. When it blazes in the fireplace, a good fire warms and brightens the room, enhancing joy and companionship. But when fires ignite in the wrong places, the house burns down. Is your sexuality igniting in the wrong places?

Are you treating sexual sin casually? How do you know when this has happened? Let me offer a few tests that can rouse your conscience.

Read the rest: here.

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