Three weekend reads, currated from the world wide web to enrich your soul and equip you for mission.

1. When Work Stinks (from Greg Forster)

redesigning-the-workplace-980x653Hope means aligning not just our beliefs, but also our behavior, with the expectation that God can and will fulfill all his promises. It means we act as if God really is stronger than Satan—that God is God, and Satan is not. Hope looks forward to the consummation of all things, because that promise of final victory is the ultimate basis of our expectation that God is in charge and is going to have his way. But hope also means we know that God is stronger than Satan now, and that he is keeping his promises now.

God is accomplishing his purposes today, cleansing and strengthening us as his people, and pointing us toward that perfect future. As C. S. Lewis said, the more Christians look forward to the future world, the more effective workers they become in the present world as agents of God’s love and holiness.

We walk—we work—by faith, not by sight. We trust that God is at work in our work, even if we don’t necessarily see or understand what he’s doing.

Read the rest: here.

2. Nine Words for Every Marriage (from Josh Squires)

nine-words-for-every-marriage-e5b72bc7-b9676e7b2e838dfcbcca97923f676daeSomeday my children will introduce me to the person they intend to marry. When they do, there are three sentences — nine simple words total — that I want to know they can say, in earnest, before they can have my blessing: I was wrong. I am sorry. Please forgive me.

Marriage is an everyday exercise in repentance and forgiveness. There’s no way to be the perfect spouse; I am a sinner and my sin will hurt those around me. Yet in our imperfection, we can consistently point to a perfect Savior. The willingness to do that — to die to our pride that another may be glorified — shows in a real way that we grasp the goodness and power of the gospel.

Read the rest: here.

3. Ten Reasons Why You Should Trust the Bible (from Nicholas Davis)

0e4495502_1441205704_bible-graphicLike any good story, the Bible has characters, plots, subplots, and different settings—yet this one, unified story is the greatest story that was ever told. It’s the greatest story ever told because not only are we told about the meaning of life, but in it, we are given the greatest Savior to behold—one who has come to save us from even death itself and has promised a new world without pain or tears!

God has proved himself to be trustworthy in the words and works of Jesus.


Read the rest: here.

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