Three weekend reads, currated from the world wide web to enrich your soul and equip you for mission.

1. 6 Questions College Students Must Be Ready to Answer (from Cameron Cole)

woman-studyingThe research is clear: One of the best ways to prepare students to sustain their faith throughout college is to force them to answer hard questions. While some apologetics are timeless, it’s vital for churches and parents to monitor the most prominent current questions and challenges Christians face on college campuses today.

Students must be armed with at least six apologetics to be ready to answer the hardest questions they’ll face from professors as well as fellow students.

Read the rest: here.

2. Where Does God Want Me to Work? (from David Mathis)

briefcases-lowres-8090736Before asking, “Where is God calling me?” we would do well to first ponder, “Where has God already called me?” — not that your current callings won’t change or take a fresh direction in this formative season of life, but for a Christian, our objective calling from God always precedes our consciousness of it.

If it is from him, he initiates. He makes the first move. This is true of our calling to salvation, and also true of any “vocational” assignment he gives us in the world.

Read the rest: here.

3. 12 Tips for Parenting in the Digital Age (from Tony Reinke)

PROD-Teenage-girl-problemsWho is iGen? They are woke. They have ambient awareness. They appear confident online. They are never offline. Technology conveniently buffers and brokers their relationships. And technology feeds their loneliness and the toxic comparison that hollows meaning from their lives. Parents know most of this. They saw these problems long before we had books about iGen.

When talking about teens and screens — or “screenagers” — we need to get concrete. So let me offer twelve practical suggestions to stir into the discussions you’re already having in your churches and homes.

Read the rest: here.

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