Three weekend reads, currated from the world wide web to enrich your soul and equip you for mission.

1. Christian Hospitality in an Age of ‘They’re Not Welcome Anymore, Anywhere’ (from Karen Swallow Prior)26639234920_2cd3b26ce4_b

In a free society, we are called both to live peaceably with one another and to hold one another accountable for violating principles that we believe undermine a free society. As citizens, sometimes we should offer hospitality to our enemies. Other times, we must rebuke them. It takes wisdom to know which situations call for which response.

In a free and democratic society, we fortunately have many avenues of rebuke open to us: we can cast our votes for someone else, communicate with our governmental representatives, write letters to the editor and essays for publication, speak freely and openly to all who will listen. We can lawfully protest, and we can even challenge unjust laws through peaceful disobedience. Not only do these means not undermine the humanity of others, they uphold it.

Read the rest: here.

2. 10 Things You Should Know About Sex (from Paul David Tripp)the-almost-boyfriend

God in his great wisdom, for his glory and our good, has chosen to place us in a world where sex is a significant part of the human experience. The issue of sex is important and unavoidable because God, in wisdom and love, chose it to be.

Because sex is the creation of God’s hand and exists under the control of his sovereignty, we should approach it with reverence and awe, not with embarrassment and timidity. Sex came from him, belongs to him, and continues to exist through him—to him be the glory.

Read the rest: here.

3. Dad’s, Don’t Waste Your Summer (from Michael Kelley)strawberry-popsicles

We typically think about the summer as a time to pull back. To take a break. To rest up for what will be a busy fall. So we go to the beach, sleep late, and lounge around. Maybe we even shut down our Bible study groups for a while.

In other words, we play defense against the pressures of life. But what if, instead of playing defense this summer, we chose to play offense? What if we had a redemptive mindset toward the time we have rather than a defensive one?

Read the rest: here.

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